Re-tracing Home

The cognitive mapping workshop „Re-tracing home“ is part of the design research project
“The Idea of Home-Making” which aims to challenge the contemporary notion of the crisis as a one of politics, not of capacity.

The socio-political integration of migrants and refugees as well as the general issue of affordable housing in Europe shall be correlated to provide a new perspective – a migrant and refugee perspective – on the perception and imagination of “home” and “housing”.
Eventually it shall be argued that the contemporary crisis is considered as political short-time problem and thereby exacerbated by temporary architecture which leads to an unwelcoming reception of migrants and refugees that hinders their integration. This proclaimed „arrival crisis“ shall be investigated from an urban design perspective addressing the discrepancy between governmental (mass) housing programmes and subjective notions of „home“. Based on the theoretical framework around Biere Bourdieu‘s „habitus“ concept and the memory and experience of displacement of migrants and refugees, their old, new and ideal home shall be re-narrated, re-written and re-drawn.

„The Idea of Home-Making“ is a design research project for the MRes Interdisciplinary Urban Design progamme at University College London in cooperation with „Über den Tellerrand Berlin“ and „Migration Hub“ as well as supported by „Architecture for Refugees“.



Team: Benedikt Stoll