Archifutures Vol.4


Whose Europe?

On the construction of symbols, architectural and immaterial, and the post-national condition

A dialogue between Paolo Patelli and Benedikt Stoll

Architect and researcher Paolo Patelli’s project The Architecture (an Archaeology) of a Post‑Nation considers what architecture might materialise the post‑national political contract, whilst Guerilla Architects’ newspaper project entitled The European Dream explores how communication and representation shape and inform the interpretation of identity and warchitecture. In the following dialogue, Patelli and Benedikt Stoll from Guerilla Architects discuss how something so transient and shape-shifting is reflected in the output of architecture, a discipline traditionally concerned with the actual and concrete.

Archifutures Vol.4: Thresholds, p. 82-95, ISBN: 978-84-947523-3-9


  • Benedikt Stoll


  • Paolo Patelli