0,08 m²

Wir haben es satt / Schnippeldisko 2019

0.08 square meters is a mobile, walk-in sculpture built for the “Wir haben es satt” demonstration, with which we make the common states of intensive mass animal farming tangible.

A walk-through grid shows the minimum spatial requirements in intensive mass animal farming in Germany and places these in relation to the human habitat: a broiler has an area of 0.08 m² in factory farming. A pig from 110 kg 1 m². A cattle about 4 m². In stark contrast, a person in a three-person household has a living space of 25 square meters. This makes clear how we have lost the relation to the animals as living beings with their own right to an adequate living environment .

On the evening of Schnippeldisko,we produced paper-folded animal masks together with the visitors. The participants could then wear these masks the following day on the demo, running with us in the grid and take them home afterwards.

Various exemplary livestock enterprises are examined in Brandenburg and presented cinematically and transparently on transparent slides at the event Schnippeldisko.

The project aims to highlight the inacceptable circumstances at factory farms and to create an awareness of the people, because every consumer has influences the animal welfare in the companies through his decisions. Politics starts on the plate!


  • Anja Fritz
  • Silvia Gioberti
  • Nike Kraft


supported by

Berlin ZK/U

  • 18-19 January 2019