Archifutures Vol.3

The Site

Being Guerilla Architects – Hacking the city and reclaiming social spaces

Archifutures Vol.3: The Site, ISBN: 978-84-944873-8-5

„With their transgressive yet playful approach, the Guerilla Architects collective seeks to facilitate new interactions in public space with creative interventions: from window cleaning to a co-working space in a caravan.“

„This volume is a call to practical action leading on from the theoretical approaches seen in Volume 2: The Studio. It presents a further selection from the Future Architecture platform call for ideas, and focuses firmly on the nitty-gritty of practice with projects and strategies that are on-site or site ready to shake up that future. These are the inspirational solutions and ideas, which could soon be transforming the landscape of architecture and our cities, reasserting the agency of what architecture in its widest sense can offer and mean.“

Edited by &beyond and published by dpr-barcelona.


  • Anja Fritz
  • Nike Kraft
  • Benedikt Stoll