CoCoon Collage

a mobile archive for the preservation of urban, collective and artistic practices

CoCooN is a place for researching, testing and communicating the preservation of urban, collective and artistic practices, and at the same time a library and archive space at the Dragonerareal in Berlin-Kreuzberg.
For the Archive of Urban Practice, a mobile module for collecting materials and a platform for exchange between the various project participants is being created within the framework of the Baupalast at the Dragonerareal. The spatial marker is a collage of reused offset printing blankets and was supplemented by several seating elements. The seating elements were created as part of a public construction workshop in collaboration with Material Mafia. According to current estimates, 900 – 1900 printing mats are disposed of per printing company every year, thus saving a considerable amount of valuable resources. On the other hand, the material is extremely durable and is suitable for use both in the design sector and in industry.


  • Anja Fritz
  • Silvia Gioberti

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  • August 2021