Irritationen des Alltags

Mehringplatz is currently experiencing its first Berlin summer after 12 years of long-term construction. Nevertheless, it is still a forgotten public space in Kreuzberg. How can the power to act and shape public space be ignited?

The square is shaped and rewritten every day by the daily actions of the neighbourhood and its residents. Together with them, we explored ways in which the use of public spaces can help to create one’s own living and working environment and define it as a negotiating space for urban societies.

Irritation 01 / Café Madame

As waiters of the social centre, Café MaDaMe, we join the regulars. The seemingly spontaneous, performative intervention changes the local neighbourhoods’ perception of their everyday living space. Residents become the audience and are part of the production at the same time. The attention sparked by the role reversal leads to conversations, shared observations and new questions.

Mehringplatz is the everyday life of over 2400 residents who use the public square as a natural extension of their living space. Using performative interventions, we want to question which bodies, actions and needs the new space fulfils.

Irritation 02 / KMA

The “SC Fighters” public training session in Theodor Wolff Park is transformed into a boxing arena with mobile mats. Stands, flooring and merchandise as well as personalised fight cards turn the rehearsal into an event where passers-by become visitors and young people become professional boxers. Mehringplatz is repurposed using just a few elements and the public space is appropriated as an arena and venue.

Different people and groups live and work together in a confined space on Mehringplatz. Different age groups, cultures and interests come together in the public space.

Irritation 03 / Al Sultan

A sewing and sound station was set up under an aerial floor. Nazar eyes are sewn together with Najwa Koussa’s sewing course. The sounds of the sewing machines will also become part of a sound collage created together with musicians from the KMA. Pedestrrians are invited to listen and participate and become part of the Mehringplatz sound collage with their own texts, sounds and thoughts.

In the last action in August 2023, the Revolutionäre Anwohner*innen Rat – RAR for short – was founded on Mehringplatz.

During the action, neighbours install banners on building facades and balconies in the Mehring district, resulting in an exhibition in public space.


  • Radwan Bachnak
  • Polly Bruchlos
  • Anja Fritz
  • Silvia Gioberti
  • Shahrzad Rahmani
  • Benedikt Stoll

In collaboration with

  • Production: Charlotte Rosengarth
  • Photo: Phil Dera
  • Video: Angelica Germanà Bozza
  • Illustration: Yorgos Konstantinou
  • Concept sewing performance: Modjgan Hashemian
  • Sound sewing performance: Oliver Doerell
  • Outside eye: Kristóf Szombati
  • Collaborators from the neighborhood:
  • Manja, Markus, Carlos, Karin, Ferdinand, Doris, Habib, Anna, Stella, Marcus, Hassan, Mareike, Omar, Hamza, Benno, Omran, Hadi, Efe, Sevim, Sahba, Najwa, Elmas, Filis, Nesrin, Alma, Iris, Jean, Café MaDaMe, Al Sultan Bistro, KMA, SC Fighters, Kiosk of Solidarity

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