Sztuki Sąsiedztwa

The Art of the Neighbourhood

A small art gallery with works of art by local artist. Collectives and studios facilitate meetings of refugees and people socially excluded. A local zine published thanks to artistic passions. There are more and more local art centers in Wroclaw and other cities in Poland. These are places where the next-door artists can meet to share their fascinations and revitalise their district with artistic endeavours.

What if you localised these initiatives, welcomed people who started the endeavours and learnt their methods? The Art of the Neighbourhood – a forum for local artistic activities – a project organised by the Wroclaw Institute of Culture, allows its participants to find out about the social-cultural initiatives just around the corner.

And how do Dukarnia Otwarta from Nadorze, Notesy from Lukow or Guerilla Architects from Berlin involve their corresponding residents in their activities?


  • Anja Fritz
  • Nike Kraft


  • October 8th 2022