Bastian der Stadt:Symbiont

a co-working space inside a caravan

Bastian, der Stadt:Symbiont – a co-working space inside a caravan – is a guideline for the autonomous creation of a working space in the city.

Rental prices for studio spaces are rising uncontrolled, the creative industries face increasingly unstable working conditions, flexible working models, short-term contracts, precarious payments.
Despite this, or maybe just because of this, many creatives are more and more aspiring to a dream of autonomy.

Without a stable income it is often impossible to rent an office space for the long term.
We need to explore new fields of action: future architecture means city-hacking.

We understand the city as an existing network of diverse infrastructures that everyone can use.
Working “between the lines” of laws and parking regulations, we developed a guide for central, long-lasting and cost-efficient working spaces.

Free resources – free wi-fi, public toilets, canteens… – complete the independent, always on-site, long-term and cheap architecture office and connect the small-scale working space to the large-scale city.

The Stadt:Symbiont promotes a social exchange as a visible institution and meeting place for residents and passers-by. This exchange of thoughts, ideas and knowledge is the basis for our work.

Always in movement, the architect’s workspace and field of work merge on site.


  • Anja Fritz
  • Silvia Gioberti
  • Nike Kraft

special thanks to

  • Tobias Hattendorff
  • Henriette Lütcke
  • Denica Indzova
  • Benedikt Stoll
  • Felix
  • SunZilla


  • 2016