Studio Laim

How to connect people who might otherwise not have come together? How to activate people, that are not primarily interested in temporary artistic use for a visit at a neighborhood art project? And how to use an insolvent gym for urban research?

As part of the 4-week temporary project Z Common Ground in Munich Laim, Guerilla Architects, in cooperation with the Hans Sauer Foundation, opened a temporary gym to investigate the urban needs of the inhabitants of Laim.
Since the premises previously served as a gym, only small spatial changes had to be made in order to create a space for sports courses and thus for the citizens of Laim. The sports program consisted of a colorful, varied offer such as: boxing, dance theater from 60, yoga and much more. The program was made by sport trainers of Laim and so the coaches were given the opportunity to promote their sport programs.
As a registration to the sports club, each participant had to complete a questionnaire and answer questions about urban needs. Once registered, she / he got a membership card and could participate in the free courses as often as he/she liked. In addition, after the courses we served smoothies at the bar and invited to talk and exchange.

Approximately 200 questionnaires were completed and evaluated. The questionnaire revealed a number of interesting statements about Laim and the needs of the residents. These were supplemented with recommendations and summarized in a documentation. In a next step, these results will be deposited in a decisive position, in the hope that further urban development processes for and in Laim will be initiated.


  • Anja Fritz
  • Benedikt Stoll




  • May 2019