Haus aus Stroh

One Home made of Straw

Our built environment shapes the people living in it and it is shaped by them, too.

The installation „Ein Haus aus Stroh“ (One Home made of Straw) opens the discussion about empty housing and property in our historical inner cities. In Hann Münden there are many historical timber-framed buildings whose value has been forgotten. In many cities the potential of built spaces is not used. Often due to the lack of ideas or money but also due to the lack of will of private or public owners. In the meantime the building collapses and its history – which in many cases is interwoven with the surrounding space or has even formed the cities‘ identity – is forgotten.

The installation symbolises this process. All made of straw, the structure will be deformed and collapse within a few weeks. The house will stand for some months until spring 2017. After some time forgotten, quiet, exposed to the weather. The change becomes visible.


  • Tobias Hattendorf


  • 2016-2017