a performative waste free restaurant

Guerilla Architects in collaboration with entretempo kitchen gallery and Tabea Mathern created an interactive installation, bringing together FOOD, ART and a COMMUNITY of FOOD SAVERS to raise public awareness and propose new possible alternatives for FOOD WASTE.

The gallery was a stage, where the guests became the actors of the installation. The space embraced everything that composes a classical fast food restaurant. From typography to furniture, packaging and uniforms to corporate identity. Every single detail was thought and designed with care using the leftovers of big events in Berlin such as the Fashion Week. Waste at this art exhibition was not only the core of the concept but the most precious and valuable material in its ludic form.

Another innovative aspect of this installation was to bring together important players of the food waste scene in Germany such as the movie director Valentin Thurn, Culinary Misfits, Restlos Glücklich, The Real Junk Food Project, Wam Kat, Sustainable Food Academy or Slow Food Youth.

About 18 million tons of edible food are thrown away every year in Germany. The impact of food waste in our society is huge. That’s why we decided to understand how it affects our lives and give a new impetus for a more sustainable future.

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