Circular Festival Research Station

Large events and festivals are hitherto places of waste and collective indifference. For many festival visitors, the extent of the resulting waste is not clear or it is part of the celebration.

A team of forensic field researchers explored a number of festivals between June and July to collect valuable resources such as fully functional tents, chairs, gazebos. The process was documented and exhibited at the Artlake Festival in August in the “Re: camp – Circular Festival Research Station”, built from upcycled festival material and made available to the public. In addition a research about the geopolitical journey and ecological impacts of the production of nylon was displayed.

Together with our partner rerentatent we offered a lending service: visitors can borrow for the 4-day festival all sorts of recovered and intact festival equipment.

Our project partner Zero Waste e.V. Was offering two workshops on the topics of zero waste strategies for festivals and zero waste living everyday.

The visitors could join our mobile workshop unit for an upcycling fashion workshop with our collaborator Stefanie Barz. They produced a selection of individual hipbags and raincoats from leftover and broken tent material.

The project Re: Camp is as a research-based, performative art project with an applied character.
Still functional festival waste is to be returned into the reuse-cycle for new festival visitors. This way we thematized, with the aid of an extensive research the value in the extraction of raw materials, production and distribution of mainly plastic products, which are supposedly produced or used only for single use.


  • Orsi Balog
  • Stefanie Barz
  • Anja Fritz
  • Silvia Gioberti
  • Nike Kraft
  • Benedikt Stoll
  • Stephanie Traut


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  • August 2019