Auf den Grund gehen

Research scholarship for visual arts 2018

We are happy that our project proposal „Auf den Grund gehen/ Getting to the ground“ has been awarded with the research scholarship for visual arts 2018 of the Senate department for culture and Europe of the city of Berlin.

The project is an investigative-performative search for traces of 1 km² of Berlin. The final results of this open-ended research will be presented in the beginning of 2019 and shall potenitally
lead to a future collaborative project about different layers of a very controversial and broadly discussed piece of land along the river of Spree.

Have a look at the winners of the whole scholarship programm at


  • Anja Fritz
  • Silvia Gioberti
  • Nike Kraft
  • Benedikt Stoll

in collaboration with

  • Shahrzad Rahmani
  • Philine Schneider


  • Sept- Dez 2018