Forced Choices

transeuropa fluid - European Festival for Performing Arts

Forced Choices was a site-specific and interactive installation on future forms and values of labour at transeuropa fluid, the European Festival for Performing Arts.

When personality test are making decisions about who you are and your employer even fires you because you are not as competitive, ambitious or team-minded as you are supposed to be we should ask the question who is actually responsable for your choices in life.

How will the future of labour look like? WIll it become completely obsolete to earn money with a job that you do not like because artifical intelligence are taking over all what is repetitive and tedious? Are we developing into a society with unconditional basic income and start thinking about our common intelligence amplified by new technologies? Is the shared economy model only a naive idea of people who are tired of capitalism? Or are we attempting to master our work-life balance until the end of our days?

Whatever futuristic scenarios you might find there seems to be a more and more acclaimed common sense of taking back control and making the right decisions for humanity. However, the current status of finding the right balance in life is contested by diverging definitions and lifestyle guidebooks that do not stop to tell you what to do or what to believe in. We wanted to work with these contradictions.


  • Anja Fritz
  • Benedikt Stoll

in collaboration with

supported by

  • Friederike Hänsel
  • Charlotte Rosengarth

commissioned by



  • former job centre
  • 9 April - 28 May 2018